The radiation that has far reaching devastating and deadly effect threatens the humanity with a slow death in the guise of advance technology.

Milk of Japan Mother affected by Radiation

Mothers' Milk affected in Japan
Radioactive elements are found in the milk of Japanese Mothers

Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant
Japan Govt. is now in a new challenge, and that is the ensuring safe health for the people there especially in heavily affected area by earth quake, tsunami and later nuclear radiation from damaged Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant. The area is one of the worst-hit areas in the March 11 magnitude-9 quake and tsunami that left nearly 30,000 people dead or missing in Japan's northeast. Recently a small amount of radioactive iodine (The highest one is 36.3 becquerels of radioactive iodine per kilogram) has been detected in the breast milk of four lactating women.

Japanese Mother
It's a clear sign that radiation has already reached the most sensitive and alarming level. Though tests have been carried out on only nine women, it can be more if more samples are collected and tested from more lactating women. The Japanese authorities have restricted the area and  have announced a new law making it illegal to enter a 20 kilometers zone around. Most fled the area following the March 11 earthquake/tsunami but it is believed some 60 families are still living there.

The 80,000 former residents will be allowed back in briefly to pick up belongings.The government also said it would allow one member of each household to temporarily return to their homes in the off-limits zone. But it has decided not to allow visits for residents living within three kilometers of the nuclear plant. Anyone else will be liable to a fine amounts 100,000 Yen ( USD 1200) or possible detention of up to 30 days if enters in the restricted area.

Japanese Babies vulnerable to radiation from their mothers' milk.
Prime Minister Naoto Kan, under huge pressure from home and abroad for his handling of the crisis. “Step forward, prime minister and take the lead, exercise more leadership and end this situation as soon as possible, please! I ask you from the bottom of my heart,” said one man at the evacuation center at the time of his visit.

Japanese Mother feeding child

The government now plans to offer financial help to Tokyo Electric Power, the operator of the crippled power plant. They plan to raise a fund to buy preferred shares in the company. They think that it will help TEPCO pay compensation to those all the crises.

Japanese Mother worried

Close observation of radiation situation