The radiation that has far reaching devastating and deadly effect threatens the humanity with a slow death in the guise of advance technology.

Japanese food safe to take?

Japan has been in a fix about radiation crisis.

Radiation matters for food
China, Russia, Australia, Canada and some other countries took decision to avoid importing Japanese food on March24,as radiation level has been detected above danger level.It has become a matter of concern not only for Japan but also the countries around Japan. Japan is already in great difficulty tackling the post tsunami rehabilitation crisis. It has become concern about it's food and water safety.

Japanese food
The damage to the Fukushima nuclear plant, radiation from the reactor, snowing after the explosion, cooling attempt by sea water, all contributed to this food and water predicament. 
In Vienna, three UN agencies in joint statement said "Food safety issues are an additional dimension of the emergency," and pledged that they are"committed to mobilising their knowledge and expertise" to help Japan.
International Atomic Energy association are sending their experts to help dealing with the situation.
Japanese engineers have already linked up an external electricity supply to all six reactors and are testing system components and equipment in an effort to soon restart the cooling and stabilise the reactors.

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