The radiation that has far reaching devastating and deadly effect threatens the humanity with a slow death in the guise of advance technology.

Suddenly danger labels 10 millions times

  • The latest news about the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant is that Nuclear threat levels have been raised to a seven and its operator Tokyo Electric Power Co. is still working on a final plan to end the crisis. The nuclear threat level of seven is the highest since Chernobyl.

Damaged reactor no.2 has created another problem in Fukushima nuclear power plant. The water inside the reactor becomes a deadly trap as the radiation label there rises up to 100,00,000 times more than normal compelling the worker to leave the place. Moreover excessive radiation has been detected in the nearby sea water. Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) is held responsible for failure to warn timely about this abnormality. 
A senior official of Japan's Nuclear and Industrial Security says that the radioactive element will swept away by the sea stream and radiation will slowly go down. By this he means that it will be OK very soon and people can take seafood very soon. So it is not be safe for the people of the nearby countries to eat those foods. 
Yukya Amano, the director general of IAEA, warns that this nuclear crisis will last for weeks or months. That indicates that we are not going to having a good news soon.

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