The radiation that has far reaching devastating and deadly effect threatens the humanity with a slow death in the guise of advance technology.

Sufferings and Deaths by Radio-active elements

Exemplification of various problems and diseases in human health owing to radioactive effect.

Normal vs cancer cell division
Among the two types of radiation (non-ionizing and ionizing) the latter one is much more dangerous. First one is like the radiation inside the microwave oven and it can cause no damage even though it is very intense. Ionizing radiation, containing extreme X-rays, gamma rays, the alpha and beta particles, breaks chemical bonds to cause burns, cancers and death. The symptoms of ionizing radioactive effects are nausea, fatigue, vomiting, headache, loss of white blood cells, loss of hair and diarrhoea. These can be controlled if the victims' exposure to the radiation stops or victims are moved  away from the affected area.

But if the exposure is long and heavy i.e. when these decaying nuclei atoms atoms and released particles touches tissue, it could be fatal. Then the intestinal lining of human body will destroy, central nervous system will be damaged and deadly diarrhoea and dehydration occur. Eventually the sufferer  looses consciousness and dies.

The people who survives suffer deseases like leukemia, lung cancer, thyroid cancer, breast cancer, and cancers in other organs of the body.

We see such example in Hiroshima where 166,000 people died in the first four months and more other people people suffered long after the atomic bombing. Some other examples are the explosion in Three Mile Island near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA. and at Chernobyl,Soviet Union(Russia).
Burn by Radiation

The Chernobyl nuclear explosion is similar to the Fukushima explosion. Though it is 10 times stronger than than Hiroshima explosion, it polluted  less populated countryside. Still today people are dying there totalling the number to 16,000.
Thyroid Cancer

So it is a matter of concern for the Japanese and the world people and We, the world's rational beings should unitedly address the situation wasting no more time.


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